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Mental Health Disorders Symptoms

Mental Health Problem girl

Mental Health Disorders Symptoms, Cause, Awareness, Definition and Lists

Health awareness is must for everybody. Every year millions of young male of female people facing the mental illness or disorders disease. 

10th October is a global mental health awareness day celebrated all in the whole world. First of all it was celebrated by world Federation for mental health. 

If you feel any kind of mental health disorder you need to consults first of all with you’re before time. Do not ignore it or follow the instructions you have provided by expert.

Do not indulge yourself in bad habits it will increase you mental health illness drastically. Take medicine regularly, it will help you to recover very soon.

Learn some books and trick how to handle pressure and situations. Busy yourself for the reading good books or any other activity that will help you to recover your health.

These techniques will help you to recover, stay fit and healthy always.

What is Mental Health Disorders? 

Mental health disorders are a type of mental illness (such as depression) that affects people's thinking, behaviour, and moods.

10 to 15 percent of young males of females suffer from mental illness or disorders in the USA, UK, Australia, and other countries.

This condition of mental sickness has been seen in the mostly young generation. Everyone's mental health needs to be balanced at all stages of life.

It helps everyone how to behave with others, how to respond to people, and how to handle critical situations or stress.

Mental illness is a common problem and everyone can overcome all these problems. Biological factors, family history (genetic), and life experiences all have a role.

Mental Health Disorders Symptoms

Mental diseases are very common. These are the cause of many mental problems.

Here is the list of most common symptoms of mental health illness or sickness that you can read in detail below as per topic:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a real mental health disorder symptom that is seen in traumatic conditions. 

It happens by cause of the physical assault, unwanted death of a loved person, natural disaster, fear or horror, the lake of helplessness. 

Due to that, the person will face nightmares or trouble in sleeping, fleeing like that event is happening again with your or flashback memory.

8 to 10 million Americans are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder disease. It can happen to anyone at any age.

Autism Disorder

Autism disorder conditions occur due to nonverbal communication, speech, behavior, and difficulty in social activity or interactions. 

It is a lifetime disability or condition also called (ASD) autism spectrum disorder.

Schizophrenia Disorder

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder condition that affects human behavior, feelings, and thinking. 

The symptom of Schizophrenia disorder includes delusion, thought disorder, hallucinations, and movement disorder.

Due to Schizophrenia disorder, decrease the feeling of pleasure in human life, decrease speaking ability, decrease emotions or expressions.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is long-term a disease that is the cause of anxiety. 

It is a condition in which a person faces unstoppable excessive and unwanted repetitive thoughts or fear.

The symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder are lots of thinking about religious or moral values, violent pictures or thinking, losing control over yourself, and losing fear.

Hyperactivity Disorder

Hyperactivity is a brain disorder chronic mental illness or disease. 

The symptom of hyperactivity disorder diseases is impulsive behavior, constant movement, and becoming overactive.

These conditions always occur at a young age. For treatment, you can consult with expert doctors.

Dementia Disorder

Dementia Disorder is a type of brain disease that affects for long term and reduces the ability to remember and think. 

The most symptoms of dementia disorder disease are confusion, getting problems in organizing and planning, unable to problem-solving, getting problems in communicating, etc.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a condition in which you will feel excessive emotions and mood swings. 

It is a serious mental health disorder or sickness.

The symptoms of bipolar disorder conditions are unusual high energy or mood change, low motivation, loss of interest in daily activities, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder conditions are described by worry, fear, separation anxiety, and panic disorder. 

The symptoms of anxiety disorders are less appetite, insomnia, muscle pain, tension, stress, etc.

As per the survey, 40 million adults in the United State (USA) face anxiety disorder illness.

It can be cured by English medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. You can consult with an expert doctor if you feel any symptoms.

Clinical Depression

Clinical Depression is a mental health disorders condition. It is a disease that affects our daily routine. 

This is very common and about 3 million people depressed every year by this illness in the US.

It can be treated by an expert medical physician and can be cured in a few months. The symptoms of this mental illness are a decrease of interest, feeling sadness, etc.

Dysthymic Disorder

Dysthymic Disorder is one type of chronic condition. It is also called by name Persistent Depressive Disorder. 

It is a sickness that generally affects at least 2 years. Commonly 4% of people face this problem.

The symptoms of this disorder are overeating and less appetite, problem in sleeping, low confidence, less energy, poor concentration.

Mental Health Disorders Causes

Some of the health diseases run from family. It is also called a genetic disease.

Mental health illness or disorder is one of them which are very dangerous for a human being.

Mental health disorder has many other causes that we will discuss below step by step:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is a major cause of mental sickness or disorder. 

If anyone facing this problem complains against the people regarding these activities and consult with a doctor.

Emotional Abuse

It is also a part of mental sickness. You need to be a strong fight with problems.

Taking Alcohol or Drugs

Stop taking alcohol and any other medicine that is dangerous for our health. It affects our health loss more.

Relationship Problems

A bad relationship is a major cause of mental disease. Maintain a good and memorable relationship. 

It will help you to recover before soon.

Sleeping Problems

Sleeping time disturbance can lead to mental health disorders. So, take your sleep timely and stay fit.

Feeling Sad Yourself

Don’t feel sad yourself. It creates anxiety in your mind and causes mental illness. Be happy always.

Excessive Anger

Excess of everything is bad. Control over your anger and maintain your mental balance. Be polite and have patience.

Changes in Eating Habits

Changes in your daily eating habits are also bad for your health. It healthy food and stay fit always. Our food is a major concern of our health.

Low Energy or Tiredness

Feeling tired and low energy is also the cause of some mental diseases. Be energetic always.

You can read motivation books and watch videos. You will feel more energetic than before.

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