Weight Loss With Fruits

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Weight Loss With Fruits

In the present or modern world, people are always worried about their various health issues. Weight gaining is really a such a common problem between all. It’s not a small issue, it is a huge issue. In the modern busy world, people have not much time to think, what is right to eat. They are eating anything they have and packed & fast foods mostly. Because, this is easily available anywhere. Due to these they don’t think, what they are eating and they start suffering with weight gain or obesity.

Do you know that, there are so many natural fruits, you can eat and drink juice these, can lose your weight or obesity problem easily & naturally. So Yes, there are many fruits that is the gift of nature for us, that are help you lose weight. Mostly in all these fruits have fiber, that is helpful in reducing weight naturally.

Weight loss with fruits – Do you think, I am joking. But, I am not, it’s a very funny and easy way to get your weight loss target at house, office and everywhere in the world. why do so many hard exercises or workouts, try this simple way. It is very helpful and 100% natural.

Eat fruits to prevent weight gain, this is a common problem, but dangerous when it increases, lot of people are troubled by this problem. The nature provide you a very good solution for this problem, in the form of fruits. Fruits do not helping only in weight loss, They does also prevent many other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart attacks etc. So try these and heal obesity.

list of fruits for weight lossOk now let’s discuss about list of fruits for weight loss, and know about 19 fruits that can help us in it :-

1. Apple – I hope you hear about this “one apple a day keeps doctor away”. This is true. Apple is beneficial for our health in various ways. In apple has good quantity of fiber, vitamin A and water. This is also helpful in filling your stomach. Apple’s calorie sodium, glymic index is low, and in plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fibers are found, it can play an important role in your weight loss program. In apple, the amount of calories, fat and sodium are low and vitamins, minerals and fiber are in abundance. They all help in losing weight in different ways. Low calorie means you can eat apples without consuming more energy.

2. Watermelon – This is beneficial to reduce your weight. Because it is fat free in all respects. When you consume a glass of melon juice, it contains maximum of 50 calories. Apart from this, it is rich in vitamins A, B and C, and is rich in plant chemicals, lycopene which protects you from heart diseases and cancer also. For more detailed information about how Watermelon For Weight Loss is best, read this article : http://healthdose.org/watermelon-for-weight-loss/


3. Orange – Like all citrus fruits, calories in oranges are low whereas vitamin C and fiber content are high. Many people consume orange juice rather than orange slices. Some studies have found that instead of eating whole fruits, drinking fruit juice not only consumes less appetite and calories, but also increases feelings of fullness. The amount of water in orange and less in calories, this fruit will calm your emotional hunger and help reduce weight.

4. Guava – In Guava vitamin C is high quantity. It has several such elements that keep the many other diseases of stomach away also. Guava can help you a lot to control obesity. It is also a amazing fruit to prevent weight gain problem.

5. Grapefruit – Not very much people know about grapefruit. This fruit is rich in vitamins A and C and gives very less calories. Due to the high amount of water in this fruit, it is considered as a healthful fruit. In many research, it has been confirmed that regular consumption of grapefruit or grapefruit prevents you from many diseases such as protects you from heart-related diseases, cholesterol, liver and kidney related diseases and especially very helpful in lose your weight naturally also.

6. Papaya – Papaya is fruit, which is found, whole the year. It helps us to keep digestive system clean. It has fiber and lot of other natural elements, that help in increasing metabolism and reducing fat quickly. If you take salad of papaya in the morning time. Then it will keep your stomach light & cool all the day. For more detailed information, about health benefits of papaya & how it can help us to reduce weight, very carefully read this article – weight loss with papaya.

7. Pear – Such as other fruits, in pears have good quantity of fiber. That helps in reducing weight. It has also copper, vitamin C, magnesium etc. These elements also extremely helpful in weight loss fast. So you need to eat this fruit regularly for best results.

8. Avacado – Avocado is a very low calorie fruit, so it is suggested to be the best fruit to lose weight. It is riched with Omega 9 fatty acids and such a great way to lose weight. It accelerates the metabolism by burning the fat and increasing the energy. In addition you will also get many other health benefits of avocado. Regular uses of an avocado can reduce your weight and keep fit yourself. You can also use it as a salad in your diet.

9. Pomegranate – Pomegranate and seeds of pomegranate are very beneficial & helpful to reduce your weight. Its seeds are fully rich in anti oxidants, fiber and water content. There are less calories in it. So eat these pomegranate seeds and this will help reduce your weight even with a decrease in your appetite.

10. Banana – It’s consumption is beneficial for weight loss. This fruit is considered to be the best in raw and green condition because it contains more soluble starch. By consuming a banana will fill your stomach and drink some water after that, you will get rid of any disease. It provides the necessary energy to your body because it burns fat faster. So in this way it can help you to cut your weight naturally. This is really natural medicine for achieve your weight reduction goals.

11. Coconut – This is a fruit, you use this in many forms. Instead of taking cow or buffalo’s milk, you can take coconut milk. It will decrease fat tissue and increase metabolism and reduce fat more faster and your weight reduce naturally day by day.

12. Lemon – Lemon is a miraculous fruit to reduce weight and when it is used with honey, it is more beneficial. Lemon and honey will help you to reduce your weight. Lemon is a weight management fruit that contains minerals such as riboflavin, vitamin B, phosphorus and magnesium. Drink a mixture of lemon and honey every morning and start your day better with this weight loss remedy.

13. Pineapple – Pineapple is one of the most important fruits to lose weight quickly. Pineapple is rich in antioxidants, enzymes, minerals, vitamins. This fruit is free from cholesterol and fat. Therefore its consumption will help you lose weight.

14. Berries – Berry is a low calorie nutrient. blueberries, strawberries, raspberry, cranberry etc. are citrus fruits that will give your body very little carbohydrate. It works like an excellent Detox Fire and Bowl Cleanser. Not only will it help in digestion but also will be beneficial in weight loss. For example in 74 grams of blueberry contains only 42 calories, but 12% of RDI for vitamin C and manganese provides, as well as vitamin K provides 18%. Apart from this, eating this can help reduce cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation, which can be especially helpful for people overweight or obese.

15. Black grapes – The use of black grapes to reduce obesity is a good option. There are plenty of antioxidants and dietary fiber in it, which help you lose weight. You need to take this on regularly to achieve your reducing obesity goals.

16. Tomatos – If you are planning to lose weight, then add plenty of tomatoes to your diet plan. You can eat it raw or it can also be included in salads, sandwiches and other meals. Tomato body fat burns amino acids. Tomatoes are hydrated and after eating them you do not feel hungry for long periods of time. Fibers contained in it are good for weight loss. This will also prevents leptin resistance, leptin is a protein which prevents our body’s ability to lose weight, and tomatoes increase this capacity.

17. Peach This is also a amazing weight loss fruit that does not contain excessive carbohydrate. It is quite useful for weight loss. In 100 grams of peaches there are only 10 grams of carbohydrate. Apart from this, the glycemic index of peach is also less.

18. Melon – In melon does not contain too much carbohydrate, hence it can be included in weight loss diets. There is 8 grams of carbohydrate in 100 grams of melon. It is also a very helpful fruit to cut weight naturally at home.

19. MangoThe best part of the summer season is that there are plenty of common food in this season. There are many advantages in common food, but you can also lose weight by eating common food. You can include some recipes of mango in your diet. Like Mango Salsa Mango salas can be eaten with healthy chips, mango salad, chutney. In mangos, there is iron, antioxidant, magnesium and fiber which keeps hunger in control. By this way your can control your weight also by eating mango’s, especially in summer.

All above weight loss fruits are also helpful in reducing weight Naturally.