The High Cholesterol Myth

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The High Cholesterol MythHave you been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels? What’s cholesterol and what are statin drugs? Cholesterol is. At least it should be. Cholesterol is used to produce cell membranes, hormones, bile acids, D vitamin and far more. Cholesterol is a precursor from the body to the conversion of D vitamin. 75% of the cholesterol is made by the liver, the other 25% comes from the foods, or the so called foods that we eat. Statin medication are the life saving, doctor recommended panacea for the fear induced cholesterol levels that are high myth. Bet you did not know that. In accordance with the experts, there’s high density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein.

You can even have heard about MDL and VLDL too. These. They aren’t actually cholesterol. HDL helps prevent cardiovascular disease by maintaining cholesterol. HDL also can help to remove arterial plaques. Low density lipoprotein, and form plaques, only the opposite of HDL and on the other hand, can build up in the arteries. This could create a clot or obstruction to your heart or brain causing a myocardial infarction or stroke. That’s strange, why would not your body send this cholesterol that is deadly to be eliminated? The thing is, your liver is notified to discharge cholesterol when you have damaged cells inside the body.

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the myth behind high cholesterolBut, are statins the miracle wonder drugs they debilitating to be? Hmmmmm. Please continue reading. Were you aware that the drug businesses sell a bit over $30 billion dollars worth statin drugs each year, of cholesterol lowering? Statins are for receiving your cholesterol levels under 14, the firms response. They really go overboard with their magnificent, fear incensed scare tactics. They need to sell the emotion. That is a ton of cash, I mean, profits. Statin drugs must be some kind of essential God forgot into include when designed our original metabolism anatomy. He must have gotten distracted or something.

Did you also know that just a small percentage of individuals taking high cholesterol levels, statin drugs actually need them?

Heart Disease & Cholesterol – More and more physicians are now pointing the finger at inflammation as the leading cause of heart disease, not high cholesterol. Funny how usually the medical authority has a change of heart. High cholesterol levels generally means there’s inflammation somewhere within the body. Due to the inflammation, levels of cholesterol would be raised to help heal or repair which particular area of the body. The body raised levels of cholesterol for a reason.